27 November 2010

To do list 2011

 So, I was browsing my favorites Chictopians and i just got a wake up call. I NEED TO GET SERIOUS ON MY WORK OUTS!! I need to look this fit my next spring!!

I need some colors in my wardrobe!!

26 November 2010

Winter wish list: I am sure the list will get longer as we approach Xmas

                                                             zara tulip skirt dress
Zara leopard print platform

Timberlands Mukluk



I have been meaning to start a blog for a while now and today of all day (I am suppose to studie for my exams) I decided to start:). I still dont know what kind of blog this will be but I am exited to find out lol.. One thing I am sure of is that i would like my blog to reflect my life. I love nature, natural products and beauti.