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New face of Louis Vuitton

16 years old Nyasha Maronhodze

Watching: Braxton's family values

Ok, I am not into reality shows but I am getting really into this show: Braxton's family values, feautureing Toni Bronxton. The show is packed with comedy, arguments and a whole lot more..

No Excuses Weight Loss Challenge!!!

I want to start jogging but I always come up with excuses. I read the No Excuses Weight Loss Challenge on and I hope to keep up with my jogging.  I hope to lose 5kg by  the end of summer.  My goal is to run a full 30 min in 3-4 weeks time.   -week 1+2: jogg 2 min, then walk 5 min (30 min. in total) - week 3+4: jogg 10 min, then walk 10 min

Colorful bags