15 June 2011

Kate Spade: Chanel look a like

Well, until the day I can afford Prada and Chanel bags I need to look for bags that are my prise range. I saw this Kate Spade quilted leather bag which I have falling in love with but I will have to orders it from the States. The bad news is after calculating shipping , duty & VAT is almost cost double the bag's prise:(.

Prada fall winter 2011 collection

As my bag hunt continues I came across Prada fall, winter 2011 bag collections. They are hand-woven  goatskin leather, they are simply exquisite!! Now, dreaming on the day I can afford one of these babes. 

8 June 2011

Boy Chanel collection

I came across this chanel collection while surfing the fashion blogs for bag inspiration. I am in need of a new shoulder bag as my old one fell of by shoulder lol... Anyway, not that I can afford a chanel bag but I love how it so different from the classic chanel bags and how clean the design is. LOVE IT!!

1 June 2011

Oh, her I am thinking the weather is too cold n windy for jogging. I saw this pic of Kelly Rowland and I am like let get this body in shape asap!! I will need to look at this picture daily to keep me motivated.

Trend: Maxis

I see maxi dresses and skirt everywhere now and I am tempted to try this style yeah. I just don't know if they will look good on me though.