15 February 2013

The 5 piece French wardrobe

About two years ago I notes I had a lot of clothes which I've worn once and most of them were for special occasions. Since then I have been trying to build a classic/minimalist wardrobe which I can use for many years.
I read a few days ago about "the 5 piece French wardrobe" and I relise this is what I've been trying to do. The focus of this idea is building a wardrobe that are of quality not quantity and classic. The idea is that you add to your basic wardrobe only 5 investment pieces  each season.

I made this collage of pictures to help me build  a classic wardrobe.

High on my list this year:
- Cashmere sweater
- Black ankle boots
- Black/brown leather bag
- Black blazer
- white cotton shirt

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