30 June 2013

Crazy weather

Ever since I came back from Rome the weather has been Very crazy yeah. Its so depressing that I can't use any of my summer clothes. It's feels like early spring, cold and rainy:-(. All I can do is dream......

Loving Shala Monroque summer look

25 June 2013


I just got back from Rome and I thought I'll sheer some picture and my spoils lol. It was my first time in Rome and I must admits I wasn't expecting much but I ended falling in love with the city. I can't wait to visit Rome again.

The Colosseum: well, you can't  go to Rome and not see some of  the famous buildings and sits. 

Zara store in Rome: this it by far the biggest zara store I have seen. 

Well, you can go to Rome without trying out their famous pizzas right!

My haul from Rome: Alviero Martini carry-all, Massimo Dutti watch, Ferragamo shoes, Gianni Chiarini safiano leather bag, and  Longchamp le'pliage bag.

This Ferragamo vera shoes have been on my mind for a long time and I am so happy to own one. Its so Comfortable and fits me so well. The service at the Ferragamo store in Rome was excellent and I hope to buy more shoes from there nest time I'm in Rome.